The Dangers of Store-bought Chemical Drain Cleaners

When drains do not work, forget about reaching for a chemical drain cleaner. Use a plunger instead.

Chemical drain cleaners may come in very handy especially when there is a drain clog at home that does not budge. Plumbing experts however say that while it may work, it is not a long term solution, and that it can worsen the whole situation. They warn, homeowners may be doing their plumbing system more harm than good when they use store-bought chemical drain cleaners to clear out clogs in their home drains and pipes.

Home improvement experts continue to advocate that chemical drain cleaners should never be used around the house as they can be counter-productive and dangerous to be used in and around the home. Plumbing experts explain that consumers should understand that the primary focus of chemical drain cleaners is to dissolve clogs. They do this by ensuring that the drain buildup is fully flushed out of the system, and apparently the fastest way to do this according to the experts is using corrosive chemicals that can equally melt and corrode pipes.

Plumbing experts explain once pipes are corroded leaks can occur because of the pipe degradation that resulted from the corrosion.  Once the plumbing system is fully-affected, a high repair expenditure can definitely be expected alongside inconvenience.

Health hazards of drain cleaners

Health experts also advocate the non-usage of chemical drain cleaners available in supermarkets and home improvement stores. In various resources, medical experts mention several risks associated with using over-the-counter drain cleaners specifically its toxic fumes. These fumes can be very dangerous to the health of everyone in the household, and it can linger around the home for days.

Apart from the fumes, doctors and health experts also warn that these chemical drain cleaners can be mistakenly ingested by children and cause irreversible health damage. It can also get splashed on to the skin and eyes, which can be very damaging to the skin and eye tissues.

Chemical drain cleaners can be ineffective

Plumbing and home improvement experts are also one in saying that chemical drain cleaners are not as effective as they packaged themselves to be. Experts also underscored that while they may be effective at the first try, consecutive use can lead to more damage in the plumbing system. And apart from corroding the pipes it can also lead to the non-discovery of other issues that may be causing stopped up or backed up drains. When these issues are not addresses soon enough, bigger plumbing concerns can occur.

Drain cleaners are not eco-friendly

Another concern on chemical drain cleaners is its harshness to the environment. It basically destroys the ecosystem because the chemicals that go down the drain and get back to the source of water have been laden with chemicals that can cause ecological imbalance. Experts say, in the end the use of these chemicals are not worth it.